Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sorry Fellow Canadians, 2015 Mustang Customizer Android App is Not Available

At the beginning of this month, I was captivated by the announcement of a new app worth my attention as a Canadian car enthusiast. May 1st, Ford introduced a revised version of the Mustang Customizer app providing an interactive experience relating to the sixth-generation model of the pony car started the wild rush in the vehicle segment. Having previously dribbled in the desktop version of an earlier version of the Mustang Customizer, I was stoked to try out the latest program. At the time I entered the Google Play, my glee was quickly deflated as I eventually found out the new Mustang Customizer app was not available in my country. The app was released on Android and Apple IOS devices. Since I run an Android tablet, I am not aware if the regional restriction applies to Apple devices.

As a Canadian, I don't know how I am supposed to feel after finding out I can't even download the Mustang Customizer app. I recall Canada is the first international market where a Ford Mustang sold. In fact, thanks to Captain Stanley Tucker's charm in persuading a Newfoundland dealer to sell him an early production display model four days prior to the official launch of the Mustang in 1964, our country arguably hosted the first-ever Ford Mustang sale. It's ironic also there's a regional restriction on an Android app for the Mustang Customizer when the 2015 Ford Mustang was billed as the first to be offered as a widely-global vehicle. Unfortunately, since I did not receive word from Ford Motor Company on the reason for the restricting access to the Mustang Customizer app, I have no clue why Canadians can't download it.

I have not encountered region restrictions with an Android app before this month, but the circumstance reminds me of an occurrence I often endured with a previous tablet. Something that isn't well advertised when buying an Android device is that not all apps are guaranteed to be compatible. Even if the tablet is running the proper version of the Android operating system for the app, it may not be available. This is prevalent with low-cost Android-equipped tablets where even popular apps can not be loaded. I know there are hacks that can trick apps into believing your device is a compatible product but those tweaks are not without risk. My solution was to purchase more reputable brand name Dell tablet.

Not only was I planning to have fun with the Mustang Customizer app, there was a plan to review it for Car FYI where I wanted to provide the fair low-down on the program. While the app may be unavailable, Ford is also planning to release the Mustang Customizer program for desktop users. The second version for more conventional computers has not been released yet but it is mentioned as "Coming Soon". I guess as a Canadian, I will have to wait until the desktop version of the new Mustang Customizer arrives so I can review it.

Until Canadians can customize a 2015 Ford Mustang, let's enjoy this YouTube clip of the Mustang Customizer in action:

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