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The Chief Retires: GM Discontinuing Pontiac Brand

On April 27th 2009, an official announcement was made by General Motor's CEO Fritz Henderson that the Pontiac name is going to be stricken from General Motors' brand lineup. While hints of the arrowhead brand's demise has been hinted at long before the current state of disarray for the once world leading auto company, the GM's dire restructuring has marked the decisive end of Pontiac following the 2010 calendar year. Beyond the loss of one storied brand, the fate of 2,800 Pontiac dealerships in the United States along with their employees are likely to become casualties of some 2,600 dealership closures announced in the same press conference. Famous for its Wide Track car campaign, Pontiac is an unfortunate casualty caused as American influence in the automotive market is not as conquering as it was fifty years ago. Formulated in 1926 as a companion car under a defunct GM brand called Oakland, the name Pontiac contacts to an aboriginal chief will attempted to inspire a