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Driving Downtown Dreams: 2014 Motorexpo Toronto Delivers Hot Cars for Summer

Photo source: Chris Nagy Toronto is in the midst of a mayoral election where transit options have dominated the platforms of every candidate. Subways, buses, above ground trams and trains have been pitched so far. However, no matter where public transit will go, car ownership will remain an aspiration for many urban dwellers. Privacy, the ability to command a vehicle towards any desired direction at any time is right the peace of mind a large group of Torontonians are seeking. For selected members of that group, it is possible to envision the grander modes of transportation. Some of those machines of aspirations is present at this week's Motorexpo in Toronto. A focused attendee of the Canadian International AutoShow just down the road, Motorexpo 2014 has been my first quest for another exhibit of automobiles in the Queen City. The fourth time the show took place in Toronto, Motorexpo is a free to the public event hosting a select amount of vehicles at the peak of engine