Thursday, April 9, 2015

Primetime for Cadillac: 2016 CT6 Flagship Sedan is New Plateau for American Luxury

It has probably been decades since the Cadillac nameplate's presence on a large sedan meant world-class luxury. The large luxury sport utility Escalade allowed Cadillac to once again be seen as a mammoth showcase of the brand's premium taste but their flagship business has not seen the same level of enthusiasm. Part of complete revitalization of their business that included a brand-new line-up of vehicles and a new corporate headquarters located within New York City, Cadillac pledged to define the upper echelons of motoring with an all-new sedan for 2016. At the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the CT6's introduction is a big and bold presentation to the world that Cadillac is ready to take back its luxury crown with force.

The Cadillac CT6 had been billed as a six-digit priced super luxury sedan. From what is visible with its introduction at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the car seems like a replacement to the XTS. Observing the recent moves by the General Motors luxury marque, the latest-generation Cadillac CTS grew in size and premium provenance and the ATS gained the entry-level market that the CTS had owned. Cadillac has pledged to keep producing the XTS until 2019 but appears to be uncomfortably inserted tightly between two higher promoted vehicles.

The 2016 CT6 is only two inches longer in overall length than the XTS but rests on a wheelbase that is 10.7 inches farther apart. Based on what Cadillac describes as an Omega platform, CT6's exterior shape is crafted by a series high-pressure aluminum castings. Resulting in a light but strong frame, the body structure has also been engineered with 50 million hours of computational analysis. Operating with rear-wheel drive or as an all-wheel drive sedan, the CT6 rides on a responsive suspension consisting a high-arm multilink short-long arm front suspension and a five-link independent rear suspension. Magnetic Ride Control will provide rapid adaptation to conditions to insure optimized control and comfort. Active Chassis System and active rear steering could also be equipped on the Cadillac CT6 delivering a new level of American luxury motoring.

Clearly influenced by the CTS sedan, the Cadillac CT6 employs a sharper approach at the luxury car brand's current design DNA. Featuring a ground-hugging appearance, elements of sportiness is infused with the vehicle's long hood and short deck lid. At the front, high-fashion, high-performance illumination provided by LED light blades are accompanied by Indirect Fire LED headlights is standard on the sedan. Welcoming riders, large passenger entry doors unveil themselves at the side of the CT6. Power hands-free operation is provided for the rear trunk lid.

While iconic Cadillac luxury vehicles have relied on the gallop of big V-8 engine, 21st century sophistication dictates a new wave of thinking in the way a 2016 model year premium vehicle carries itself. For the Cadillac CT6, a family of direct-injected powerplants is led by turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The base 2.0-liter turbo engine generates 265 horsepower and arrives with standard rear-wheel drive. More potent than the four-cylinder, a naturally-aspirated 3.6-liter V-6 engine provides 335 horsepower to the luxury sedan's drive wheels. The 2016 Cadillac CT6 engine range will also debut a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 estimated to produce 400 horsepower. Both six-cylinder engines propelling the 2016 CT6 are paired with an Active-on-demand all-wheel drive system. An eight-speed automatic transmission mates to the entire Cadillac CT6 engine line-up.

The Cadillac CT6 greets the motorist with royal-like intent at the moment concierge welcome lighting illuminates outside. Opening up the sedan's large entrance doors, the spacious sedan's interior is richly decorated by high-end materials. Leather, woods and carbon fiber is used to sculpt the cabin surroundings of the CT6. A Quadzone climate system equipped with an ionizing air purification system achieves the ideal riding environment for passengers while Cadillac's first application of the Bose Panaray audio system funnels stereo sound through 34 speakers. The CT6's audio system also blends elements and technologies from home as well as professional sound hardware. A 10.2-inch capacitive touch screen is located within the dash panel using Cadillac's CUE interface. Wireless phone charging and OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot is also incorporated into the 2016 Cadillac CT6.

While the front passengers of vehicles usually receives the pampering of luxury comfort, high-end premium market cars like the 2015 Cadillac CT6 understands all passengers deserve optimized relaxation on the road. With 40.4 inches of rear legroom, second-row seating inside the CT6 offers an Articulating Rear Seat package. Providing adjustability with 3.3 inches of travel, lumbar adjustment, message and a heating/cooling feature, backseat of the Cadillac luxury sedan does not take a backseat in comfort. Retractable 10-inch diagonal screens is also integrated into the back portion of the front seats serving as the basis for a rear seat infotainment system.

While the CT6 is projecting an all-new image of Cadillac's luxury in the second decade of the 21st century, the sedan's interior features also integrates technology the luxury brand had abandoned after introducing it to automobiles. Night vision was originally offered on the 2000 Cadillac DeVille but was dropped several years later due to lack of popularity. Today, the amount of high-tech active safety technologies has indicated that Cadillac was perhaps so-far ahead of current automobile culture. Enhanced Night Vision incorporated on the 2016 Cadillac CT6 sedan detects heat signatures in low light environments and displays them in the drive information center.

Additional safety innovations available on the Cadillac CT6 includes a true 360-degree camera view, rear camera mirror, Advanced Park Assist and Pedestrian Collision Mitigation technology designed to greatly reduce the chance of an accident. A driver-selectable Auto Vehicle Hold system part of the CT6 sedan prevents vehicle creeping when the driver's foot is removed from the brake pedal at a stop. Finally, the Cadillac CT6 will offer an on-board video recording system that can operate to capture all 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Production of the Cadillac CT6 sedan at the Detroit-Hamtramck is slated to begin at the end of 2015. With Lincoln introducing their Continental Concept car at the New York International Auto Show with immediate plans to sell a new high-tech sedan by 2016, Cadillac will not be alone for long in the American super-luxury sedan category.

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