Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hyundai Canada Unveils H-Factor Persona During Super Bowl

It has been no secret in Canada that we have long been cheated out of the opportunity to watch the highly-produced, ultra-expensive Super Bowl commercials found on the United States stations. Prior to videos being streamed on the Internet, Canadians were provided with few opportunities in ever seeing the original advertisements shown during the world-famous football championship game. This year, some advertisers in this country may have begun to realize the chance they have to make a marketing splash made possible by simultaneous substitution. For 2015, a record Canadian viewership for the "The Big Game" were treated the television premiere of one intense ad campaign from Hyundai.

A 60-second spot starting with the text "Wake up to a New Hyundai", the car commercial introduces what Hyundai calls "The H-Factor" that will drive their vision heading into this year. Presenting visuals of their latest cars such as the Genesis sedan and Sonata, Hyundai's vehicle development stages were highlighted with laboratory and track testing. Additionally part of the ad was a drifting Genesis Coupe and Hyundai's long-time spokesperson Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge near the end of the Super Bowl spot. Throughout the dynamic new Hyundai H-Factor commercial, the song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons pulsated. The creative development of the commercial is credited to Innocean Worldwide Canada who has been behind many Hyundai and Kia Motors ad campaigns in the past several years.

Proclaiming that "A new Hyundai is emerging", president and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. Don Romano explained that the H-Factor campaign is to gain recognition for award-winning feats over the years for the brand. Romano states the H-Factor campaign marks "a four-pronged strategy". The successful launch of the new Hyundai Genesis and Sonata, ensuring vehicles are housed in world-class facilities, the implementation of "Hyundai Signature Certification" and grabbing the attention of potential buyers are ingredients to this new brand philosophy.

In addition to airing the commercial during the Super Bowl, Hyundai's H-Factor will be made apparent on Canadian telecasts of the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards and breaks part of popular prime time shows. Since Sunday, 60-second and 30-second version of the ad has been released on TV screens as well as the displays for other devices.

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