Thursday, June 26, 2014

Driving Downtown Dreams: 2014 Motorexpo Toronto Delivers Hot Cars for Summer

Photo source: Chris Nagy

Toronto is in the midst of a mayoral election where transit options have dominated the platforms of every candidate. Subways, buses, above ground trams and trains have been pitched so far. However, no matter where public transit will go, car ownership will remain an aspiration for many urban dwellers. Privacy, the ability to command a vehicle towards any desired direction at any time is right the peace of mind a large group of Torontonians are seeking. For selected members of that group, it is possible to envision the grander modes of transportation. Some of those machines of aspirations is present at this week's Motorexpo in Toronto.

A focused attendee of the Canadian International AutoShow just down the road, Motorexpo 2014 has been my first quest for another exhibit of automobiles in the Queen City. The fourth time the show took place in Toronto, Motorexpo is a free to the public event hosting a select amount of vehicles at the peak of engineering, luxury and performance. Arriving in Toronto, I walked to the Brookfield Place building at street level rather than the underground PATH walkway. From the sound of horns, it's reasonable to assume that peace of mind I mentioned earlier is often channeled into driver giving each other a piece of their minds. While a good deal of Toronto has been bred into a gigantic Tonka site, there's some guaranteed a few minds have been lost.

Photo source: Chris Nagy

Finding Motorexpo 2014 was only a matter of finding a building with several vehicles at the front. As I proceeded to first view the auto show, I reminded myself of my early expectations for a show with a more modest car count than the Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS). Immediately, I was reasonably surprised by the representation among the participating brands. Right when I entered the hall of Brookfield Place from the street, BMW amassed products including the M6 Gran Coupe, X4 and a retouched 7 Series. Mazda and Infiniti provided a stimulating entrĂ©e of new vehicles also consisting of sedans and crossovers. Represented well outside the Brookfield Place as well as inside was MINI who brought seven vehicle (not including a fake MINI hanging upside-down on the ceiling that has become a popular photogenic subject). At the rear of the display at the Motorexpo 2014, Acura stood solo away from Honda. A preproduction example of the Acura TLX stood on the floor while a Pirelli World Challenge race car GT version of the vehicle was placed on a large stage at an almost obscene height.

Photo source: Chris Nagy

Making Toronto's 2014 Motorexpo most captivating was exotic makes showing just a single signature vehicle. A white Aston Martin Vantage V12 S, black Bentley Continental GTC V8 and a silver Maserati Ghibli provided ultra luxury with boundless sophistication. There appeared to have been some substitutions as Rolls-Royce brought the Wraith instead of the Ghost V sedan. Also, the Lamborghini Huracan was published in the show's program however there was only an Aventador appeared at the Toronto show. It's hard to be upset with the notion the supercar switch resulted in us receiving a 700-horsepower vehicle valued at more than $542,000 Canadian.

With little doubt, the show-stopper of the 2014 Canadian exhibition was the arrival of a McLaren 650S, Formally introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show, a green spider model of the new 641-horsepower supercar was a centerpiece (practically in the center of the Motorexpo display floor). One representative for the McLaren 650S proudly touted the engineering marvel on wheels with enormous enthusiasm. 

Photo source: Chris Nagy


One exclusive brand displayed during Motorexpo 2014 was Tesla. Since Tesla has not been officially part of the 2014 CIAS, this summer presence in Toronto gave the electric vehicle company a chance to show-off outside their Yorkdale Shopping Centre sales branch. Providing one Model S, there was always a more than one dedicated onlooker checking out the luxury electric car. The ongoing reaction to Tesla is certainly not what you would expect for a "loser" company as labeled by a US presidential candidate branded the organization as two years ago.

Spending more time at Motorexpo than I had predicted, the trip down to the bustling downtown of Toronto on a weekday was worth it. However, next time I will attend the event make an effort to look a little business professional. Though the Hockey Hall of Fame is close by, I felt more out of place than usual. Most of the time at these auto shows, I struggle in trying to take a few decent pictures of myself (in all honestly I am not much to look at). For this reason, I always include a vehicle as a new attractive figure.

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